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Privacy Policy

D'Addazio srls, 64011 Alba Adriatica (TE), via Roma 30/B, Italia; Tel./fax: 0861.751297 , as the owner of dominion names including those at the address or in the Network (hereinafter the "Site"), uses the Site not only as a means to inform users about products belonging to the D'Addazio srls but also as a tool for the collection of personal data. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions established in the Personal Data Protection Code, D'Addazio srls, as Data Controller (hereinafter the "Controller"), provides the following information concerning the processing of personal data both of users who only consult the Site (traffic data) and those who freely send their information via email and/or by filling in specific forms in order to access reserved sections within the Site or to receive the Controller's newsletter. This information is provided solely for the Site and the activities carried out by the D'Addazio srls company, also through its data processors, and does not extend to other websites which the user may be able to consult via links and/or activities offered by third parties.

Each visitor to the Website may, at his/her option, provide with personal information, in order for to better understand visitors’ expectations, and to provide information on heaters, heater accessories or services to visitors who have opted for receiving such information. If the visitor has notified that he/she does wish to receive any details of heaters, heater accessories or services, may contact the visitor by email, telephone or post to provide the visitor with details of products or services or any other information which believes may be of interest.

In accordance with Italian Law La Privacy Policy (redatta in conformità alla Raccomandazione n. 2/2001, adottata il 17 maggio 2001 dal Gruppo di Lavoro “Articolo 29” per la Tutela dei Dati Personali in relazione ai requisiti minimi per la raccolta di dati on-line nell’Unione Europea e rappresenta inoltre informativa agli interessati ai sensi dell’Art. 13 del Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 (il “Codice Privacy”)), the visitor may access his/her personal information and modify or delete it. Each visitor may also refuse, at no cost, to be contacted by, in which case he/she will no longer receive details on products or services.

Visitors may exercise the above mentioned rights by sending mail.
1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is stored in a dedicated area of your Device’s* hard drive when you visit an online service. A cookie enables to identify the Device on which it is stored, until such cookie reaches its expiry date.

*”Device” means any electronic equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone…) that you use to browse a website, an application, an advertising content etc.
2. What types of cookies do we use?

When you connect to our Website, we may, depending on your settings, use some cookies enabling us to recognize the web browser on your Device until said cookies expire.

Cookies that we use aim at:

obtaining statistic and analyzing web traffic and how the various sections of our Website are use, thus enabling us to improve users’ interest and ergonomy on our services as well as the visibility of our content.
In the event you provided us with personal data (such as your email address) when you logged to one of our services, we may use this data combined with other data about the Device you are using, in order to send you electronic marketing communications.
Providing or facilitating your browsing on our website, or providing you with online communication services that you may request during your visit, in order to:
Adjust the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your Device (language, screen definition, operating system, etc) depending on the hardware and software used by your Device.
Memorize some information you previously submitted when filling forms online (subscription or log-in to your account) or concerning products, services and/or information you had previously selected on our website (e.g. subscribed service, shopping bag content, wishlist, etc) ;
Allow you to access some dedicated areas on our website such as your personal account, thanks to identifiers or other data you might have previously provided to us.
Ensure security of our Website and services (e.g. when you have to re-log to our services after a certain period of time)

3. Third party cookies

Third party cookies are subject to said third party privacy policies. We hereby inform you about the purpose of these cookies of and how you can manage them, to the extent we are aware thereof.

Our website DOES NOT contain third party cookies (delivered by advertising agencies, analytics providers, etc.).

4. Your choices about cookies

You can manage cookies in different ways. Settings that you make may change your internet browsing capacity and may sometimes alter your ability to access to certain services that require the use of cookies. You can set your preferences for cookies at any time through any of the means described below.

a.Choices offered by your browser

You can set your browser to accept or reject cookies on your Device, either globally or cookie by cookie. You can also set your browser so that cookies’ acceptance or rejection will be offered to you each time a cookie is about to be stored on your Device. For more information, please check section “how to manage cookie setting in your browser?"

(a)Acceptance of cookies

The use of cookie on a Device depends on the user’s choice, which can be made and modified freely and at any time by modifying his/her browser preferences.
If you opted for cookies’ using your browser preferences, cookies can be stored temporarily in your Device’s hard drive. Cookies may be read only by their deliverer.

(b)Opting-out of Cookies

If you opt-out of cookies on your Device, or if you delete existing cookies, this may affect your ability to access some functionality that are necessary to access some areas of our Website. Such is the case for content that requires your identification. Such is also the case if we or one of our business partners can no longer recognize the type of browser your Device is using such as language, display settings or country of connection.

We cannot be held liable for all consequences resulting from the minimized access to our services as a result of cookies you previously deleted or rejected.

(c)How to manage cookie settings in your browser?

Each browser has its own cookie management system, as described in the “Help” menu of your browser, where you will be provided with all necessary information about how to set your preferences.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and more:

Go to "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options"
Click on "Confidentiality"
Select your preferred level of confidentiality

For Mozilla Firefox:

Go to "Tools" then "Options" menu
Click on the "Privacy" settings
Select your preferred option on the "Cookie" menu

For Opera:

Go to "Files" > "Preferences"
Click on "Privacy"
Select your preferred option

For Android browser:

Click on the upper right button
Go to "Settings" then "Privacy & security menu"
Select your preferred option

For Dolphin Browser on Android:

In the Menu, go to "More" then "Settings"
Select the "Privacy & security settings" menu
Select you preferred option in the "cookies" menu

For Safari on iOS:

In the "Settings" app, go to "Safari" menu
Go to "Accept cookies" entry under "Privacy"
Select your preferred option

For Google Chrome:

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
Select “settings” then click “show advanced settings”
In the "Privacy" section, click the “Content settings” button.
In the "Cookies" section, you can change cookies settings

5. if you share the use of your device with other people

If you share your Device with other people and the Device operates several browsers, we cannot guarantee that personalised services and advertisement designed to match your personal use of the Device (if such personalised services and advertisement are available) will correspond to your own use and rather than someone else’s.

The sharing of your Device and the settings of your browser regarding cookies are your own choice and under your own liability.

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